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Our Mission and Vision

Committed to Advancing Healthcare Excellence


Improved access, quality and use of medical products and technologies for optimal medication use that improves health and wellness and quality of life.


  • Efficient management of procurement, receipt, storage and distribution practices to ensure that patients are provided uninterruptedly with safe and effective Drugs & Medical Supplies at reasonable cost.
  • Providing consistently outstanding patient centered pharmaceutical care in MOH healthcare settings in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality Excellence
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Accessibility

The Directorate General of Medical Supplies had been established in 1999 as ‘Directorate General of Stores’ vide Ministerial Decision No. 82/99 amending the Ministerial Decision No. 09/94. Later the Directorate General of Stores have been renamed to Directorate General of Medical Supplies (DGMS) vide Royal Decree No. 21/2002 dated 03rd March 2002.


In 2015, the organizational structure of DGMS had been changed vide Ministerial Decision No. 67/2015 to include Department of Pharmaceutical Care, Regional Stores at Nizwa & Salalah, Professional Development & Career Guidance, Quality Management & Medicines Safety, Pharmacists & Asst. Pharmacists Development Sections to strengthen the pharmaceutical care provided and Medication safety.

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